Abuse Desk

Information on how we prevent and combat abuse.

With several users sending campaigns to hundreds of millions of emails, we’re bound to get abuse reports every now and then. We take abuse reports seriously and do not tollerate UCE/Spam Emails.

How SmartMailer prevents abuse.

All new SmartMailer accounts are reviewed by a human. This is based on a variety of criteria to evaluate accounts, ranging from WHOIS, Domain and IP Address information. To email practises, subscribers and content.

We require all our users to agreed to our Terms of Service, Anti-Spam Policy and Privacy Policy before setting up a SmartMailer account, and again before importing any existing subscribers into their account.

We offer signup forms for customers who are starting from scratch for those who dont have an existing list of subscribers to import. Our signup forms allow the use of double opt-in, which in return prevents prank signup and we store the source of the submission. (For Example: IP Address and time of submission).

We automatically insert unsubscribe link in every campaign send from our system.

We will allow 5 soft bounces for any subscriber subscriber who has not got any previous engagement history and up to 10 for subscribers who have engaged within the past before converting the soft bounce in to a hard bounce.

Every single subscriber on our system is vetted through a validation process to allow us to gage what state a customers list is in. This allows us to protect our existing users while preventing the bad users from being able to use our service.

How we deal with abuse issues

We insert into every email campaign leaving our servers with a Campaign and Customer ID. So recipients can easily report abuse to SmartMailer. After we have received complaints through our abuse desk. We will investigate immediately. If the user or email campaign appears suspicious in any way, we will suspend the customers account during the investigation.

We are registered with anti-spam authorities and major ISPs. To receive automatic feedback loops when any of our users subscribers report abuse. We are then able to process those alerts and remove the subscriber from the user's mailing list. If the abuse reports exceed a certain amount, we will warn the user. If a user accumulates a certain threshold of warnings/abuse reports we will suspend their account pending an investigation.

Reporting Email Abuse

If you would like to report abuse, you may do so by forwarding the offending email (With Full Headers) to support@smartmailer.com

Our abuse department will deal with the request seriously as we have a zero-tolerance for UCE/Spam emails generated by customers.